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Feng Jicai

June 9, 2011

​​Feng Jicai Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, original of Cixi, Zhejiang, born in 1942 in Tianjin. Well-known contemporary writers, writers, artists, folk artists. Famous Folk Literature and Art. He is currently Executive Vice President of Federation of Literary and Art Circles, CFLAC Vice-President of the Society of Chinese fiction, Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association President, Tianjin University, dean of literature and art, and served as vice chairman for Promoting Democracy, the rank of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, January 16, 2009 by the State Council designated the State Council.


Chinese name: Feng Jicai Nationality: Chinese Nationality: Chinese Hometown: Tianjin, date of birth: 1942 Occupation: Writer representative works: / fengjicai Sina blog:

Feng Jicai describes the life of the representative works of Feng Jicai won the honor of conspicuous contribution to social impact of major works related to the impacts described in Tianjin, was elected President of the Association of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Flower related works Lee courage brush pearl birds on the Famous Folk Literature and Art, is currently executive vice president of Federation of Chinese art, CFLAC Vice-Chairman. Society of Chinese fiction, Chinese personal houses Literature and Art Association. To write their works and mastermind life known the fable in Modern History, attention to select the new viewpoint, with the changing art practices, detailed in-depth detailing of life in the backdrop excavating, chewing life’s finish. April 27, 2010 Quanguowenlian elected President. Representative works which had a profound impact. triumphed the medal Film of the In another translations of thirty kinds of published abroad, the English version of 5. Feng Jicai and the artist, published a variety of his works, and important cities in China and Austria, Singapore, Japan, the United States and other countries held personal exhibitions were a great response. who, with his Chinese and Western painting techniques through a profound and shrewd literary conception, peerless in contemporary Chinese painting, was the critics as Executive Vice President of Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute of Ecological consultant and other staff. 2010, appointed surrounded the City Club in the drawing for the painting, folk art, local customs, etc. had a strong amuse. 市文联 former President of Tianjin, Chinese PEN Center members. 1995 personally as television sequence Italian fiddle > take courage, alive heritage, chewing life’s unforgettable! Feng Jicai’s famous contribution in recent years, Feng Jicai committed to the city to protect and rescue the folk cultural heritage, from the writers and artists to complete this kind of

color transition. Feng Jicai touched on maximum of the final century later 90 years of reform and prologue large-scale urban renewal, he found that many cities have destroyed their previous cultural features have become a way. Feng Jicai that industrial civilization is gradually replaced by agricultural civilization in the process, under the construction of the original farming culture very large folk culture to be lost, the fifties and sixties of last century, advanced countries have began their own folk culture for emergency dispose, but, conscious of our all intelligentsia is insufficient, coupled with our civil culture is all in the state to fend for themselves, no one cares, really do not save will disappear. Feng Jicai responsible for an important job is to rescue the Chinese folk culture heritage, want to embody the Han, including the remains of 56 ethnic groups, all of the folk culture, to the archaic village of small to large pockets, including folklore and folk literature, to be a rug of learn, and one to do for 10 years. Feng Jicai in the Legislative Taiwan’s first non-material cultural heritage protection of the data hub, disc or rescue work of Chinese folk cultural heritage field surveys acquired in the millions of words of information, information on hundreds of thousands of pictures, thousands and thousands of hours of recordings hours of video data. He has again accentuated that the intention of saving the Chinese folk culture, not to save in some fashion, but to keep China in the process of globalization under the good of her mawkish and spiritual, for the world culture, the Orient is a result of mineral deposits has by far been developed, it is also the converge of our hereafter needs to explore the. rely on Feng Jicai persistent appeal and running, people began to realize that the old cultural values. Feng Jicai, said the cultural sector absence to do is to get up up the public to understand the cultural values; but it is a vast cultural project, not some intellectuals can be done lonely, but to mobilize the whole people, of special note the importance of culture to get people to understand, and can transform the people a accordance. Feng Jicai – folk culture Folk Culture Foundation, is the root of Chinese culture, is Yan Huang sensitive life of people and people ideals, but also symbolizes the identity and spirit of the Chinese nation. However, in today’s economic globalization and the urban modernization under the clash of popular culture are in endangered, if not an emergency rescue and protection, our predecessors built This precious cultural asset will quickly breakdown and even die. Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation is a project by the Chinese Folk Cultural Heritage advocates and

warm nest. Some people say that this is a horrifying bird. I put it in the window. where there is a boiler of fruitful abnormal France Chlorophytum Chlorophytum I use long, string students the perpendicular vine with small green blur in the cage, they like to hide in the jungle Shenyou as safe, from which came the flute-like svelte and bright children sounds, it is especially simple to happier life. the sun from the window into the goal, through this, Chlorophytum leaf-shaped fixes are numerous, half into the shadows,Chloe, through the illustrated half, as jasper, mottled blots split, verdant business. Small bird’s shadow looming in the middle of flashing, can not see the full, and periodically even can not see the cage, was surprised to find their kid a lovely bright ruddy mouth, sticking out from the green leaves. I seldom see them clawed through the foliage vine, they will gradually Chou Chou I’m out of a small head. we just a little morsel familiar. Three months later, which increasingly lush green vine group inside, and the delicate issue of a high-pitched wailing. I surmise, is that they have the Fish. me? not opened a blade looking in, even while you increase fresh water is not quaint eyes opened wide to confuse them. A moment later, all of a sudden there is a little head out from the leaves of the needle. yo, baby child! It is this little fellow! it is small, you can easily cage drill by the sparse grid origin. Look, how like its mom, Red-billed ruddy foot, blue-gray cilia, but do not give birth to pearls like back The round white specks. it good fat, the whole body like a fluffy ball kid. At first, this little guy is only around the activities in the cage, and then flying in the chamber. fell on top of the closet for a meantime; meantime air standing shelves full, pecked the back of the big paperback writer’s name; meantime rocking back and forth to the light cord and knocked, followed by a jump to skeleton up. at the peak of the bird cries out angrily in a cage, it swiftly flew back to cage to go. I do not care it. so long, and open the window, at most, it only take a moment on the window frames, and never fly. Gradually it was courageous to stand on my desk. It first far away from me, see me do not hurt it, then a little morsel closer, and then flew to my glass, and bent over his head tea, and then look at my face had prejudiced response. I just smiled, and still write someone, it will release the courage to go manuscript, and around the tip of my popping, beat red claw feet on the paper issued a completely relieved, simply wrapped with wax like that, horny little red mouth, under my fingers. During the day, it does so mischievously with me. the sky into the evening, it’s repeated cries in the sound of their parents, toward the cage, rounded body twist, squeeze the leaves dig into that. One day I writing desk, it actually fell on my shoulder. I feel the hands of the pen stopped for terror of stampede it. await a moment, turned to look, this teeny being lying asleep on my shoulder ….. . I pen a move, gushing the next time the sensibility of: believe, often create a better class. brushes Lee brushes Lee specifically dry paint line. He’ll give you a good brush in a house, the house did not need to put a single sitting, like Assumption general pulchritude. most people wow, he must dress a brush pulp dark, the work was done, who by no means a white point. Do not deem it! him back to his set a rule, at a time the body has white specks, white

pearl bird birds

Feng Jicai governors initiated and established private foundations, is also the State Council published the new people with lofty ideals, to muster community forces, liberate and protection of brittle folk cultural relics and folk cultural transportation, subserve and develop Chinese culture. Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation December 31, 2004 Societies Authority formally enrolled in Tianjin established (Tianjin No. 004 based card personas), the enrolled capital of RMB 200 million, by the promoters Feng Jicai and Taiwan player Mr. Zhao Wen alms. Foundation for the Council decision-making body, Feng Jicai leader, Mr. Zhao Wen vice chancellor, adviser of 12 people, by the famous scholar of culture, folklore experts and literature and masterpiece, medium and business people together constitute. Foundation, Office of the Secretary established the work of traditions, project ministry, contact the Department of Folk Culture Studies Center and other departments. Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation, through rigid management, standardize the action of hedge funds do and legitimate and value-added measures to actively carry out the retinue public welfare activities to enhance and assist the emancipate and protection of Chinese folk culture of the development. to follow the missions of the Foundation, adopted the donation at home and abroad; support and funding of importance and urgency of emancipate and protection of civil and cultural projects; support and funding for essential learned merit of folk culture research projects; blueprinting and organization to promote and evolution of Chinese folk culture, cultural commute programs; reward and admission for the rescue and protection of folk culture to make an momentous contribution to the work of groups and individuals. Feng Jicai is a great great man of our country, we have studied many of his treatises, good instructing posts, and was incorporated into the 5th grade textbook, Story. Feng Jicai writing zixuanji jewelry Bird hornet’s nest

Crossroads, , Film Literature Script pipe, do. sometimes reside at home Mende Huang, or I’m also busy and also my father brought me out to activity, I can not help but close to home to go to that turn, see Liu nimble juggling. deft Liu was put down to stall big fat man selling sugar. He has a player carrying a small wooden box painted green, where the wooden box on where to put up a stall. carton shelves full of holes a across of wood, stuck into holes rows of red and yellow lollipop cheap. He is a magic to attract kids to purchase sugar. dupe is very simple, usually known as bowl, four children were rolling in the red glass ball, then mutual enough on this kind of 3 props, but told him to become elusive. He hands each holding a teacup, you clearly see the base of each bowl two red clasp ball child, you did not even blink about eyes, hey! four balls to go all the children even went to a bowl below, is this child is from the underground drilling the ball quondam? he would like to turn to turn to two bowls shrieking and tearful days, the East refers to your hands, breathed the West, as if the gods really do not see what his collaborator, and four children suddenly the ball to suddenly go, do not guess where they are. this deceive difficult than changing the magic on the stage, the stage is only one side to the crowd, the soil on the avenue dupe, around, around the surround of people, people’s eyes shot from all intentions, the easy to see flaws. One time, I personally see his fingers a move fast to plug in a bowl a ball below the correlate with children, they could not assist shouting: North Korea I was surprised to flash, followed for a decent air to me: a! how nothing below it? only sized pressure in the yellow fabric on a round the brand. Is drilling the ball left of the children through the yellow cloth below the bowl go? Racer Liu seems to know how I guess the left hand anew teacup opened, the same nothing! children are flying the ball? saw his counterparts together will be two blank bowl, held in the head, mouth calls out: rushing sound, open bowls and saw four balls and children actually seem in the bowl edge. curious, curious, strange! four sides around to see a flurry of people’s apologize and astonished voice. ! But I never lost here, tax fines, to purchase candy to dine on the line. This is pure sugar, starch syrup boil, single sugar do not suffer losses. a chip of lollipop, standing on the back to the ring. From then on I only saw standing backward, shoved to the front and then not to conversational. His magic, in my eyes is really a very magical. This is really admire my infancy A. He was then only forty years old, made Zhengdang Nian Zhuang, Jing full God feet, heavy muscle mutton heavy, white teeth red lip, black eyebrows up as if with a brush. He crouched there like a one stop the big white elephant. while juggling, while selling bonbon, lustrous external protrusion around the sparkling eye, catch on all directions; said could not talk a lot of funny jokes. a pair of plump hand, refers to the rounded belly, but amenable circulation, that four small ball is in the hands in the flickering. I was kind of fantasy, his hand seems to be a two-tier, the ball always secret in the sandwich inside. Ahhh, the mind of ​​childhood, and now there will be no the. This pair of unusual agility hand, probably is his nickname most simple and never get tired of the tricks in the soil, and in this has not solved the maze was in a pair of magic in his unpredictable, it is lunatic, cost among endless quick operator. He gave me a number of curious happy? all those people and asset related with childhood, always gone with the passageway of infancy. After high educate, I was not mutual to the deft Liu. just passing through that crossing, and occasionally ran into him. He is still as Xing Variable rushing still do not see the slightest defect, involuntarily stood there, looked for a while with interest. I dare say, no matter how good the world repertoire, even Ibsen and Shakespeare, neither a hundred like me enough to see a thousand times. I was in high educate in the field. person, one to go, reside in the home of childhood and youngster as a closed book. quondam the story of a beauteous, friendly people, sweet drunk scene, like fresh petals caught in the book pages, and then turned into a dried up all the memories. who can make all the past back to life? that the grandmother died, disappeared friend, her mother’s curly black hair, those beautiful long-lost books That green eyes, get lost … … and the little white deft Liu. high school sophomore summer, I’m home for the vacations. One day close to home around the turn to see what more than a dozen children shrieking and name. closer, heart resist a move, was actually rapid workman Liu! he is still selling sugar and juggle, but the people have greatly changed outward. Ten years gone, he appeared to cost twenty years. look close to the old man. Single is the dog next to them the wooden box to send some sad look. it deteriorated beyond, black, viscous and weary, a little earlier that desirable to the eye can not see the green. cross-board plug the holes of sugar, over the years The bamboo sticks goad a big lollipop, plug in the top of the lolliburst outside down. look at him, then shoulders, back, stomach, arm where all the pork went to it, full of curves did not, under clothing sharp bone protruding everywhere fashion to; Lianpan like small circle, their eyes dull, not the original looked around, streamer splendor of spirit. It makes me tempted, especially his hands – he clearly changed hands! blue veins on the back of strands, Wuhei of finger wrinkles around a circle, like a silk and shrunken down Tujin old silkworm … … So, when all the odd atmosphere and the ability to have this art on his hands disappeared. He caught Two sized bowl has been badly tattered, rummaging awkwardly, that the four small balls children, while on the unthinking to buffet Wanbian, while falling from the hands. His hands are not ling it! children call out: , Doudousuosuo do a ball he did not know where the children are. No surprise only a handful of witnesses around some children. The fat boy cried. I also clearly see that in the bowl too quick worker Liu buckle when putting the ball on the ground to take in the hands of children. This pure late slow, blunders are manifest. children are clamoring noise called Racer Liu fist, deft hands of Liu has stayed clenched toward the children to skim out an perplexing smile. the mirth, his face wrinkled all mobbed together, like a rumpled ball of paper. He almost said with the intonation of the request: not. How could he hand to hand an open and anything. I really do not want to see the vice ungainly Racer Liu, bewildered, and flawless mortification. How I hope that he, like the year – because I am from was smart, he tell your pledge, he flashed an unpredictable compel the trick. small ball suddenly disappeared, beck and call. If he makes about the trick, so that I do not know the severity of these kids a taste of what real Racer Liu and dumbfounded how good! but he was old and no longer have the years that Elixir of Love for Love. I walked among the children, pointing to the wooden box beside Liu quick worker, said: In this case the children do! to the bowl below. Come on, this sugar is pure sugar seethe, the single sugar is not a disadvantage. I get busy embarrassment came in off the deft Liu, I turned, looked at me he is. He must not know me. He Zhou Zhao gray eyebrows, gray weather-beaten face and their eyes full of answers, obviously he does not understand , my strange why to help him look juvenile. from , then something shouted: large FUNG, engaged Mani? to set pancake sub it! large FUNG really busy, primarily in recent years, very few stay at home, honestly, or around

Feng Jicai

conference , campaigned as the conservation of people civilization, or go to rural fields, personally explored the folk relics. Once, I met with Zhao care of his wife, he said, persuade large FUNG, do not be so hard, at last, namely 60-year-old man. Gu Sister reluctantly smiled and said, you let him lazy, he hurts no the itch namely namely, out Fengpao, down Shabing did not, alas, the age bull, hardship involved life! narrated presentations based above Feng Jicai Fiction shi, at present, the manifold versions and manifold works of text has been out of the 150 kinds of stack up even higher than his real himself, the reader is versed with him at home and overseas, mostly through these works, so His cardinal affair, should be a author. and he just happens to have a artist as painting and spirituality, every of his paintings, all with his fiction, and engaging with the strength of the earthquake, in which culture, non-general artist can work further. walking on two legs, so that beyond down the road in front of a large FUNG broad. In recent years, large FUNG became famous social activist, to put it specifically, is to lobby and put into action everywhere, the main energy, are placed on the protection of folk civilization. to this point, it can be said with his cultural ideology is the same tug, in his many literary works, we can ascertain his insights on the national culture and footnote, which is not complicated to understand why he put aside writing, to do this thankless things. Feng Jicai premier construction, a skyscrapers going up, but ruined age town, ambition disappear in the torrent, which is leap to result in the destruction of a number of cultural relics. Feng Jicai a nice reason. Feng Jicai Chafanbusi out. can be a not decision-making power of the literati, in addition to going to Heaven and shouts and can do naught? He can do is pluck up a large team, including planners, architects, historians, anthropologists, of lesson, is more photographers, they used a year’s time, the metropolis was carpet-dragnet inquiry took more than 30,000 photos and images from more than 2,000 chose out of the 4 excellent album. He These pictures sent to government officials, each sent a set, must be in the heading sheet and wrote this line: This is your darling land. large FUNG disturbed activity getting bigger, but very few people who support him, many people said, You do not jot novels stood, the net and make some needless. It is very melancholy to large FUNG. Moreover, this event, from beginning to end, all the costs are large FUNG own money, tens of million of royalties all fraught do not mention this huge hole, and even the paintings too kept many left, all for the money spent on the inspection on. But today see large FUNG profitable go is timely, there is no course approach, for many of Tianjin cultural relics, and now only work to these excellent pictures of the see of. was picked President of the Association of Chinese Folk Literature and Art in 2001,vibram five fingers trek, Feng Jicai and put the President of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, this altitude The government, since 2003, large FUNG Chinese Folk Cultural Heritage fired the census project, he said, we can not see by the smiling folk culture disappear from our very eyes. the country has left tens of thousands of specialists and savants den, bound on the field, decorated with elect up those about to eliminate obliterate the world What accurate is a status quo? do not do not know, to startle, and immediately the folk culture, largely sprint its course in the state, the protective power is very languid; the second is their very short of funds, investment protection is about impossible, but mostly folk culture in the county, township, under the control of the countryside, go find a problem to interlock with the county, township, village heads were approximately to differentiate them what usages to defend these culture. I have been to several places to follow Feng Jicai, a newspaper tumble to Waterloo Township, County of Hebei Wu old village, the road suddenly encountered ponderous rain, our automobile into the trench, we had to hike forward in the mud. large FUNG plastic sack with 2 sets of feet, one foot deep superficial foot, threw a few and fallen in the rain like a drowned rat, was covered with muck soup, looks very funny, if no one said, who would have calculated He is the Association Central Committee Vice Chairman, Vice-China Federation of it! behind to Tianjin Sister saw our pictures by looking behind, we laugh ha ha, Gu Sister Quenan flies off the tears. large FUNG said that no, our volunteers in more bitter than I went, they took the lacking wages, not a penny of the grant,MBT Fora Chaussures, but also to pedal a stick money, is constantly starving work. In array to improve the working conditions of these human, large FUNG first ambition to sell the house, and later, or return to prostitution, day and night drawing, the handle behind hard to paint a large archive. This more than 30 auctions a picture in Tianjin, and Beijing’s Modern Literature in an auction, the income million Yuan established a Folk Culture Foundation, in order to grant those volunteers to have the jaws of tea. Taiwan actress Zhao was deeply shook by the behavior of large FUNG, too donated 100 million yuan, to table large FUNG support. how huge von compliant to his beloved homeland culture to mash and skirmish, to disburse it! Fortunately, Feng and his great efforts of volunteers have been the results of a large number of graphic matter salvaged has been published, there are more audio-visual information is also being compiled, either for the country state, this will be a expensive asset. narrated to work, dwarf husband flowers. did not take the green space is solitary. I’m driving counterparts Xiao Lu said: The proliferation of green everywhere, see the flowers, the next non-escape in April can not come! over a layer of flowers, white, yellow, violet; pure, petite, shine; so much, so near, so extensive! they are shorter than the grass only a few centimeters, hiding in the grass below, at the peak of the one that effort, it will uniform to appear … … : – I know how the matter, he said: out, suddenly alteration the earth, the entire world covered with a current color. Although large tracts of flowers and far drizzle melt attach, but tender and apparently see the bow in the chilly rain, every flower proudly , sunny eye-catching, Pompous. I was wondered to think: why they are not in the warm sun coming out, but why do they stand in the chilly cold rain? tiny flower actually have such prowess! my center resist startled, which startled, so I understand what life method, yeah – courage! jewelry birds good! friend gave me a couple of pearl birds. on a uncomplicated woven bamboo cages, cage There are a coil of fodder, it is comfortable


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